Train delay announcement
1. Make a delay announcement within the scope of Beijing Subway lines.
2. If train delay at any station for 15 minutes and above.
3. Make an announcement respectively according to three periods----“Operation start-10 a.m.”/ “10 a.m.-17 a.m.”/ “17 a.m.-operation finish”.
4. Make an announcement of “ Operation start-10 a.m.” period at 10:30 a.m., and“10 a.m.-17 a.m.” period at 17:30 a.m., while “17 a.m.-operation finish” period announces after operation finished. At the same time, update delay announcement by the operation adjusting situation.
5. Refer to the operation situation of the last 7 days, we would note the history delay announcement records for query.
1. This announcement proves delay situation for Beijing Subway lines only, it can’t be a compensation proof of tourists’ loss due to the delay.
2. This announcement proves the delay time corresponding delay lines only, it cannot be a train voucher for passengers.
Line start~10:00 10:00~17:00 17:00~End
Line 1
Line 2
Line 5
Line 6
Line 7
Line 8
Line 9
Line 10
Line 13
Line 15
Line BaTong
Line ChangPing
Line FangShan
Line YiZhuang
Line Airport Express
Line S1
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