Safety inspection requirements
1. What is prohibited to carry on the subway?
Any item which is more than 30 kg in weight, more than 1.8 meters in length, or more than 0.5 meter in width/height is prohibited on the subway. Any other item which may obstruct on the train or in the station, or affect the operation safety is not allowed in the station or on the subway. Passengers are not allowed to carry the item which is prohibited by laws and regulations (refer to the List of Prohibited Items for details). If any prohibited item is detected, the safety inspector may deal with it according to relevant regulations or report to police.

2. What’s the maximum height for children who travel free on the subway?
Children under 1.3 meters have free pass, and it’s recommended that they are accompanied by an adult.

3. Who is not allowed to go into the subway stations and get on the subway trains?
Men who are improperly dressed, provoking a fight over drunkenness or have other uncivilized actions are not allowed in the station or on the subway. Men who may injure or endanger other people due to his or her disease or health disorder are not allowed to travel on the subway.

4. Who shall be accompanied by other people to enter the station or on the subway?
Men who have difficulty in getting about or suffer from mental disorder shall be accompanied by his or her guardian or other healthy adult for travelling on the subway.

5. What actions are prohibited?
(1) Getting into the risk areas such as subway rails and tunnels etc.;
(2) Putting or littering waste or other things which may disturb the operation on the rails;
(3) Getting on or off the subway when the door alarm bell rings; forcing the door after the door is closed;
(4) Using or starting the emergency or safety device when unnecessary;
(5) Stacking items or setting up a stall in the station, subway or evacuation passageways;
(6) Going in the opposite direction on the escalator;
(7) Other actions which may damage the normal operation of the rail transit.

6. Are pets allowed on the subway?
According to section 12 of Regulations on City Rail Transit Operation(No. 140 Decree of former Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China), pets are not allowed on the subway train. And according to section 4 of Notes to Passengers of Beijing Subway, pets are not permitted in the station or on the subway. The section 38 of The Safety Inspection Practice of Beijing City Rail Transit stipulates that the Certificate of Vision Impairment and Certificate of Guide Dog shall be provided before people with visual disability travel on the train. And a guide dog shall wear a harness special for guide dogs and the gears preventing it from hurting people.

7. Are scooters allowed in the station or on the subway?
According to applicable regulations, scooters are not banned from the stations, but according to section 43 of Safe Operation Rules of Beijing Rail Transit, chasing, fighting, scootering, roller skating, and bicycling are not allowed in the station and on the subway. The operator (staff) has the right to stop that action; people breaching the rules will be warned by the competent transport authority and has to pay 50 to 1,000 yuan as the penalty. Therefore, please fold the scooter or put it properly in your bag or other container to avoid disturbance to other passengers.

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